Joanna has been such an incredible help with sleep training our daughter. We have dealt with feeding/weight gain issues and she adjusted our program repeatedly to continue to support our pediatrician’s feeding recommendations. The support was invaluable. There is so much stress with a new baby and having a professional assist with getting the whole family their much needed sleep was an amazing help.
— HILARY B., mom of a 4 month old
I spoke with Joanna on a Friday and by the end of the weekend our baby was giving us good stretches of sleep without being held. I would definitely recommend Joanna to any family that is having sleep issues with their baby or toddler. Good (safe) sleep is so important for the growth and development of our babies... and not to mention important for parents to get some rest as well!
— AUDREY C., mom of a 6 month old
Our baby has slept from 7-7 since three months thanks to Joanna! I honestly feel like I can be a better Mom having our little one on a schedule.
— DAWN W., mom of a 6 month old
Joanna was such a wonderful help to our family recently. Our 3 year old stopped sleeping through the night after being a wonderful sleeper since infancy. She helped us to put new things in place and identify the real issue. She was so very kind and understanding through the process, I felt comfortable talking with her from the beginning. So glad we got her help, sleep issues with the kids can really flip your world upside down and happy to say we are on the other side of that now.
— ALI P., mom of a 3 year old


our philosophy

Every baby and every child is unique and we use a variety of techniques to teach babies how to sleep longer stretches and to fall asleep easily. Any work worth doing is hard and takes time, so our services are not always a quick fix. We believe in positive parenting, maintaining attachment, and setting children up for success when it comes to their sleep.


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About Us

Joanna Martindale, Ma, BCBA

Joanna is the founder and owner of Baby Sleep Concierge. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Joanna held a long standing career in the field of Autism, where she would supervise ABA programs in homes and schools. She was certified as a sleep consultant once she began focusing her work with clients on sleep.

Joanna is a mom to 2 girls (ages 4 and 2.5) and lives in Aliso Viejo, CA with her family.