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Our baby has slept from 7-7 since three months thanks to Joanna! I honestly feel like I can be a better Mom having our little one on a schedule.
— Dawn W., mom of a 6 month old

Joanna has been such an incredible help with sleep training our daughter. We have dealt with feeding/weight gain issues and she adjusted our program repeatedly to continue to support our pediatrician's feeding recommendations. The support was invaluable. There is so much stress with a new baby and having a professional assist with getting the whole family their much needed sleep was an amazing help.

- Hilary B., mom of a 4 month old

After reading what feels like every book on baby sleep as well as every website and mom forum, I was pretty much resigned to the idea that my son just wasn't going to sleep through the night, at least not anytime soon. All of that changed when I discovered Joanna's sleep program.

- Melissa B., mom of a 14 month old



 Joanna made a sleep plan for me to follow that she tailored to my situation of having a newborn.  After following Joanna's sleep plan, my daughter started taking 2 hour naps!   She just turned 2 and is still taking 2 hour naps.  I am so grateful for her help!

Jennifer O.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help! You really know what you’re doing!!! We are doing so much better with sleep/naps and our days have become more predictable. We are all sleeping better and our daughter is adjusting well to our bedtime/nap time routine.
— Liz, mom of a 6 month old


We feel good that our son's sleep will remain consistent and continue to get better!  It’s been hard work for all of us, but like you said during our initial consultation, once the sleep training was done, my husband and I would we be able to close his door at 6pm and begin our evening together… and we are pretty much at that point now and couldn’t be happier.

Sylvia, mom of a 5 month old

He’s falling asleep for his nap very easily and relatively quickly which is incredible compared to how it had been before. Bedtime also hasn’t been taking as long recently. 

- Dana, mom of a 14 month old