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Effective as of May 24, 2018


The services that Baby Sleep Concierge provides are not intended to replace or supplement the medical advice that you receive before, during, and after the pregnancy, although our employees and representatives may have degrees and experience in the medical field. You agree that none of the advice that Baby Sleep Concierge provides shall be considered medical advice nor should the advice be relied upon you as medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your medical practitioner. Therefore, you should consult with your personal physician or other health-care professional if you have any healthcare related questions or before embarking on a new sleep program. If a medical problem appears or persists, do not disregard or delay seeking medical advice from your personal physician or other qualified healthcare provider. Accordingly, Baby Sleep Concierge expressly disclaims any liability, loss, damage, or injury caused by information provided to the client.



Unlimited support is meant to mean that Baby Sleep Concierge will be available to respond to your questions and concerns each day via email communication or a scheduled phone call.

Unlimited support is to mean Baby Sleep Concierge is available during the working hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Sunday.  Although these are our working hours, every effort will be made to respond to phone calls within 5 hours, and email within 24 hours. We are often available to respond much sooner and will do so if feasible. 

The unlimited support period begins within 7 days of receiving the Sleep Plan.  Support cannot be "paused" or used at a later date. Baby Sleep Concierge works with a maximum number of families at a time, and booking your support period reserves your spot for that period of time.  If you feel you may want to "save" some support for a later date, you have the option of purchasing additional support at a future date. Exceptions may only be made for extreme unforeseen circumstances (e.g. death in the family, severe sickness in the family, etc.).  Exceptions will not be made for a family vacation, teething, or developmental milestones.  

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It is imperative that the client keep the sleep consultant updated on sleep data and any other issues or concerns that may arise.  Failure to do so results in an inability for the sleep consultant to help said client and their child(ren) with their sleep goals.  We are in the business of helping families sleep so this is a joint partnership in that effort.  There is  no magic wand or guarantees as the child's progress highly depends on the parent's ability to consistently implement the changes set forth by Baby Sleep Concierge.  This will be difficult and emotional work and in order for the client to get the most out of their sleep plan (and their money's worth), they must work together with  and comply with adjustments and recommendations in their plan.

For clients who purchase an ongoing support package (i.e. Support Me Package or Hold My Hand Package), the client will agree to download the sleep tracking app that Baby Sleep Conciernge gifts to them and to input their child's sleep duration for all night and daytime sleep (this does not have to be live, but must be updated every 24 hours).  This is to ensure that Baby Sleep Concierge has access to all of the child's sleep data, so that she can analyze such data, and make recommendations and any program changes that are necessary.  This is a requirement and failure to input sleep data will result in delays for receiving feedback.

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