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When is the right time to start sleep training?

This answer is often confusing for families because there is no one answer, and not even experts agree.  Some experts base it off of weight, age, or developmental milestone and this can be frustrating for parents.  I take each family's unique situation into account (including baby's temperament, parent's temperament, family dynamics, developmental age, etc.) before embarking on any type of sleep journey.  Most babies can start learning and practicing independent sleep right from the start so it's never to early to start.

What is sleep training?

I encourage all of my clients to not associate sleep training with night weaning.  Night weaning means weaning your baby from eating in the middle of the night.  Sleep training means teaching your child to fall asleep independently.  You can teach your baby to fall asleep independently while still continuing to provide feeds in the middle of the night.


What sleep training method do you adhere to?

I don't conform to any one type of sleep training method, but rather pull from a variety of methodologies and philosophies to coach families through the sleep learning process.  This is not a one size fits all program, as each family is uniquely different, and all babies have different temperaments.  I believe it's important to respect each child's development, nutrition program, and family dynamics before embarking on any sort of behavioral training.

Do you do "cry it out" for your clients?

Sometimes.  Each child's temperament is completely different and not all babies are suited for this type of sleep learning.  There are many ways to behaviorally train a baby or child to sleep, and crying it out is not the only way.  First and foremost I lay down the foundations to healthy sleep, after which many clients don't even need to do much behavioral training at all.  I would never suggest a parent to "cry it out" if this is something they are not comfortable with.  


Will there be tears?

Yes.  Crying is how babies communicate but it doesn't always mean that something is terribly wrong.  Change is hard and most of us will protest any type of change.  Your baby will too and this is a normal part of the learning process that is to be expected whether you are using a gentle sleep training method or not.  Through our program you will be given education on the science of sleep and will learn your child's unique way of communicating.  This will keep tears at a minimum and parents can be confident in knowing where those tears are coming from.

Do you do overnights with sleep training?

I do not.  I provide a detailed plan and ongoing support and am always available via phone and email.  I do however have referrals for night doulas and nannies that can implement the specific techniques in my plan.  Please inquire within.


Why should I pay someone for sleep training?

Every family has their own unique needs and desires and many parents benefit from having help from an expert to guide them along the way.  A parent's first year with a child is exhausting and often confusing with so many different books and philosophies to consider.  It's overwhelming!  Having someone coach you through this difficult time can relieve stress and give you back the sleep you so desperately need, without constantly second guessing on whether you're doing the right thing or not. 

Do you have a guarantee or refund policy?

The purchase of a package is non-refundable once the sleep plan has been created.  Each individual plan is crafted after careful review of the intake form, additional research that is needed, and speaking with the client for periods of time.  Due to the amount of planning that goes into each plan, refunds are not given.  If a plan is not effective or no positive changes have been seen within the plan time frame, then an extension of care will be considered.


How long will it take for my child to sleep through the night?

This is dependent on the age, temperament, and emotional well being of each individual child.  There is no standard answer due to these factors, however most families see positive change within a week if they adhere to the plan as written.

I think my baby is going through a sleep regression and teething, can we still start training?

Babies go through so may developmental  leaps in the first few years of life.  But a baby who has been set up with healthy sleep foundations and is on an appropriate sleep rhythm has a much easier time adapting to these leaps.  If you feel like you are constantly going through these changes and sleep is getting worse, I would suggest starting services as soon as possible to lay all of the groundwork for healthy sleep.