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8 simple strategies to keep the sleep this holiday season

The holidays are my most favorite time of the year, but they also come with so much anxiety about changing sleep schedules due to of all the festivities we want to do.  I have found a lot of different ways to help my girls with the changes and still have a great time creating memories to last a lifetime. Traveling for the holidays can be even more stressful, especially if their sleep space is unknown.  Here are some strategies you can use to encourage a magical holiday season for the whole family.

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Crying vs Cry It Out

What’s the difference between crying and “crying it out”?

There’s a big one actually! Just because a child is crying doesn’t mean that a parent is doing something wrong, or that you’re doing damage to your child.  Crying can actually be cathartic in some instances. I’m sure you can remember feeling relieved after a good cry.

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Exciting News!

All Things Behavior is now Baby Sleep Concierge!  The past 2 years have been incredible for All Things Behavior and now it is time to focus on the core foundation of desirable behavior - SLEEP.  It is still the same invaluable service from the same certified sleep expert.

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