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Crying vs Cry It Out

What’s the difference between crying and “crying it out”?

There’s a big one actually! Just because a child is crying doesn’t mean that a parent is doing something wrong, or that you’re doing damage to your child.  Crying can actually be cathartic in some instances. I’m sure you can remember feeling relieved after a good cry.

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Why can't you just go to sleep??

Let’s talk toddler sleep for a minute - this is a common question that I get about changes that happen to our growing humans.  Are you one of those moms that sleep trained your child as an infant and they have slept through the night for past year and a half and all of a sudden stopped?  Or maybe you never did sleep training and now your 2 year old is still in your bed and you’re 6 months pregnant and feeling overwhelmed? Guess what, you’re not alone.

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