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Should My Baby be on a Sleep Schedule?

Understanding the difference between a strict schedule and following a natural rhythm for sleep can be hard to do and then figuring out what’s right for your baby can be even harder.  A lot can depend on whether or not you have a Type A personality OR if your baby will have one too! You may be happier having your day scheduled out but your baby may not. Or the opposite can be true.  I would say parents have the toughest time if they don’t have the same pattern as their baby. First let’s talk about schedules versus rhythms.

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When Expectations Don't Meet Reality

I don’t even know if this is possible, but try and think back to a time before you had any babies.  Maybe you were pregnant (or your wife was) or waiting for your adopted/foster child.  What did you really know about babies, how to take care of them and then how to even raise them?  Probably not a whole lot to be honest.

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4 Month Sleep Regression

This is the question I get asked most often in my newborn classes and I can see the anxiety build in the moms as they are so worried about creating any worse habits in their newborn’s sleep.  What a lot of parents are not aware of is there are some steps you can take to avoid it all together (yes it’s possible!). First let’s talk about what the regression really is, and then some tips to avoid it, and some tips to work through it if you’re already there.

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