Exciting News!

All Things Behavior is now Baby Sleep Concierge!  The past 2 years have been incredible for All Things Behavior and now it is time to focus on the core foundation of desirable behavior - SLEEP.  It is still the same invaluable service from the same certified sleep expert.

With a brand new name comes a brand new website, focused on what we do best...getting you and your family sleeping so that you can be the best parents you can be.  While our services are now mainly focused on sleep, Joanna is still available to help with behavioral issues should you need that service.

Why the change?  As the business has grown and developed it has become clear that in order for any behavioral program to be effective, a solid foundation of basic human needs is required before changing behaviors.  We believe the most important foundation is sleep.  If a baby, toddler, or child of any age is sleep deprived, they are not capable of effectively changing their behaviors.  We've found that with a lot of these clients simply getting their sleep on track alleviates so many undesirable behaviors (in children and adults!).

There is a lot that goes into setting your babies up for success when it comes to sleep and that's why we are expanding to include a service that will get you the safest, cleanest, and most user-friendly products for your nursery.  Safe sleep doesn't have to be expensive.  As new moms we're told all of the "must haves" that are on trend but sometimes those trends are the best (or safest) fit for your family.  We here to help you sort through it all (pre or post baby).

We hope that you enjoy our new look and that you'll continue to spread the word that sleep should be valued and it is worth the investment to lay solid sleep foundations to last a lifetime.