Newborn Services

The newborn period can be a difficult and confusing time for new parents and when you add sleep deprivation to the mix, it can be a recipe for disaster. Our newborn services are perfect for babies anywhere from 0-5 months as this is the optimal time to set the baby up for success in terms of developing sleep foundations. These services focus on sleep education (what is normal infant sleep), sleep shaping, age appropriate feeding and sleeping schedules, and so much more.


Private Consultation $250

  • Private consultations are inclusive of the following:

    • Assessment questionnaire (including nursery / sleep environment assessment)

    • 90 Minute Virtual Consultation

    • Supporting articles and handouts

    • Education on newborn sleep including

      • Sleep environment

      • Sleep Shaping

      • Emotional Wellbeing

      • Infant feeding

      • Sleep Foundations

      • and much more!


Phone Support $30+

Just want to chat about sleep?  This can be perfect for you.  If you feel like you have a good handle on things and just want to bounce ideas off of a sleep consultant then just a chat may be enough.  No formal assessment is required and no written plan is given.

Phone calls to discuss anything in regards to your child's sleep at $120/hour.  

Phone calls can be broken up into smaller time increments and you can save any unused time for a future date.